What is the Night of the Radishes in Oaxaca About?

The December holidays provide an excellent opportunity to stay in our hotel in Oaxaca, as it is during this month that the most representative celebrations of Mexican tradition take place. This allows you to experience firsthand the creativity of the people of Oaxaca and their eagerness to represent their way of life and the culture that surrounds them in each presentation. Such is the case with the Night of the Radishes, a celebration in which locals create sculptures using this tuber, resulting in curious and eye-catching artworks.

This event takes place every December 23rd, and artistic representations can be found throughout the city, especially in the most important squares. Here, artisans specializing in this art showcase their works for Oaxacans and tourists staying in boutique hotels in Oaxaca to have a rewarding experience that reflects our values.

The tradition dates back to the late 19th century in the Vigil Market, which began to be set up on Christmas Eve for the sale of food products, especially typical food and ingredients of the time. In this case, radish sculptures were used to attract buyers, especially tourists who were amazed by the beauty of the crafts.

Over time, it turned into a genuine competition to see who could create the most beautiful representation with radishes, thus giving rise to a tradition that endures to this day. Some main themes represented in this festival are related to Christmas and its religious origins. Still, it is also noteworthy that some take the opportunity to revive old ancestral knowledge that is part of the city's culture.

What is the preparation for the festival?

Artisans began creating their works several months ago with transgenic radishes characterized by their large size and resistance to environmental conditions, allowing for more preparation time and creative freedom. Additionally, radishes are not the only carved ingredient; it is also common to find pieces carved in corn husks and various flower species, providing more aesthetic results while maintaining the same line of continuity of Oaxacan tradition.

It is advisable for tourists interested in attending this event to come several weeks in advance to enjoy other complementary attractions of the December holidays and see other crafts that enhance their experience. Likewise, the closer you are to the Night of the Radishes, the more challenging it will be to find accommodation in Oaxaca, so it is preferable to reserve at Hotel el Callejón months in advance.

How is the Night of the Radishes experienced?

The event begins near the end of the afternoon when most artisans will have their stalls completely set up and ready for tourists and locals to marvel at the creativity of the merchants. Leaving the hotel in Oaxaca, you will find many points where you can enjoy this experience, which you can reach in a matter of minutes, starting the day with a detailed appreciation of the Oaxacan landscape.

As mentioned earlier, most of the figures you will find will allude to the Three Wise Men, the Baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and others related to Christian Christmas. However, there will also be sculptures that demonstrate ancestral values and others representing current events that mark the locals. At this point, judges will be passing by each stall to evaluate the pieces and determine a verdict by nightfall.

The Governor of Oaxaca presents the awards, giving artisans the appropriate recognition for their effort and creativity. Afterward, the streets are filled with festivities and joy as a large space opens up for traditional music and fireworks shows that conclude the event and mark the beginning of Christmas Eve.

Tips for attending the Night of the Radishes

It is essential to consider some tips before attending these types of celebrations, precisely because they attract numerous people. Therefore, it is common to see the site with a large crowd and a great Christmas atmosphere. So, prepare in advance and arrive at 3:00 P.M at the location, allowing enough time to see all the decorated stalls.

Ideally, stroll through the space calmly without expressing stress or worrying about the number of people attending the celebration. So, it is advisable to arrive several hours in advance and have a clear path. Likewise, it is recommended to use public transportation, bring a camera, and wear comfortable or occasion-appropriate clothing.

If you want more information on the topic or are looking for a quality hotel in Oaxaca to stay during this Christmas season, contact us via email at reservaciones@hotelelcallejon.com or through the following phone number: (951) 351 1564

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