Live the essence of Oaxaca at El Callejón Hotel Boutique, a delight for the senses.

In the heart of Oaxaca, El Callejón Hotel Boutique stands as an architectural testimony that fuses historical charm with modernity. Every corner tells a story: the rooms, originally intended as apartments, were transformed into spacious sanctuaries of tranquility, decorated with touches of wood and neutral tones that invite relaxation.

In every corner of El Callejón, the art of talented local artists comes to life. The rooms are authentic canvases, decorated with handmade elements that reflect the craftsmanship. From the intricate details on the walls to objects discovered during excavations, each element tells a unique story. The walls, witnesses to the past, reveal fragments of clay, porcelain, and glass rescued from the subsoil, evoking the legacy of ancient potters who shaped this land. 

In our space, each piece of history and work of art becomes a tangible connection to the cultural richness of Oaxaca.

Capturing the essence of the hotel

The art of shaping El Callejón Hotel Boutique, brushstrokes by Renata Elizondo

Renata Elizondo, an architect originally from Monterrey and resident of Oaxaca since 1998, has marked El Callejón Hotel Boutique with her distinctive vision. With a master's degree from the Architectural Association of England and a deep respect for local materials and techniques, her architectural work reflects a unique fusion of styles and experiences.

Without a defined style, he listens to the spaces, allowing each project to tell its own story. His experimental approach, collaborating with local craftsmen, results in innovative proposals. In this architectural poem, the cactus slime walls, rescued from pre-Hispanic techniques in the restoration of Santo Domingo, embody El Callejón's connection to the rich history of Oaxaca, guided by peace and serenity as its common thread.


Amidst weavings and harvests, we build a corner of peace and sustainability

Since its conception, the hotel has been designed with infrastructures and processes that reflect our commitment to nature. We collect rainwater, reuse gray water and eliminate the use of plastic bottles, opting for glass bottles with drinking water and maintaining high standards of quality and hygiene. Organic waste is turned into compost, feeding gardens and pots in our vegetable garden.

Every corner has objects woven by local artisans, such as the cushions made by Mayan women in the Yucatan peninsula and the slippers made by craftswomen from the coast of Guerrero. These details not only offer comfort, but also tell authentic stories, celebrating the heritage of traditions and enriching your stay with authenticity and connection.


We know that caring for the environment is not only necessary, but essential to preserve the unique beauty of Oaxaca and contribute positively to the quality of life of those around us. Our environmental responsibility is an extension of our respect for the rich cultural and natural heritage of this region, guiding us towards a future where harmony with the environment is a top priority.

Histories of Oaxaca