Sustainable Accommodation in Oaxaca

Mexico is on the brink of a severe environmental crisis. Currently, there are several communities that have problems with water scarcity, extreme climates, and pollution. Unfortunately, this crisis is also being experienced throughout the world, and it is because for many centuries we have cultivated a lifestyle that harms the environment in which we grow. For this reason, one of the most popular current trends is sustainability.

Sustainability is nothing more than the ability to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In other words, it is about using natural resources in a responsible and balanced way to ensure the survival of people and the planet in the long term.

Sustainability encompasses social, economic, and environmental aspects, and focuses on achieving a balance between these three pillars. This means that economic development must be promoted in a fair and equitable way, the environment must be protected, and social well-being must be guaranteed. One of the sectors that is starting to join this idea of sustainability is the tourism sector in Mexico. If you are a supporter of sustainability, in this blog, you will meet El Callejón Hotel, which is a type of accommodation in Oaxaca committed to sustainable practices.

What is a sustainable hotel?

A sustainable hotel is one that cares about minimizing its environmental and social impact while providing a pleasant and comfortable experience for its guests. These hotels focus on implementing sustainable and responsible practices in all their operations, from the design and construction of the building, to energy, water, and food consumption. The goal is to reduce their consumption of energy, water, and natural resources, while promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

What sustainable practices are carried out in a sustainable hotel?

A sustainable hotel can adopt various practices to minimize its environmental and social impact. If you are looking for accommodation in Oaxaca that has sustainable practices, at El Callejón Hotel we carry out practices such as separating organic matter and generating compost, separating aluminum, glass, and PET, we have systems for collecting and treating wastewater to capture rainwater for human use and filter gray water to irrigate our gardens.

In addition, in terms of responsible waste management, we carry out recycling and composting practices to reduce the amount of waste. Our organic waste is converted into compost and our staff earns additional income by selling bottles, cans, and other recyclable materials. We also seek to promote the use of biodegradable products and packaging.

Finally, sustainable hotels also care about promoting social sustainability. This means promoting fair employment and equal opportunities, as well as supporting local communities through sustainable development programs and responsible tourism.

In this regard, at El Callejón Hotel, our interest is not only focused on our guests, collaborators, and suppliers, but we are also interested in participating jointly with local artisan communities to decorate our spaces while also exhibiting and promoting the art of the area. This practice not only generates very beautiful spaces with the classic Oaxaca style, but it also showcases the work of the native artists of this great city full of talent.

Sustainability and luxury

It might seem that sustainability and luxury are distant concepts, it could even be thought that they are opposites. However, El Callejón Hotel is a showcase that both concepts can coexist in harmony, as this hotel is not only a great option for sustainable accommodation, but it is also one of the best boutique hotels in Oaxaca, this means many things, but mainly that its facilities are designed in a very special way to represent Oaxacan culture, as well as to house a sense of comfort and personalized attention.

El Callejón Hotel is located in the historic center of the city of Oaxaca, an area that is a World Heritage Site. This is another reason why the Hotel Callejón is considered one of the best luxury hotels in Oaxaca, as it is modern without breaking with the old and cultural atmosphere of the area. Being a boutique hotel in the middle of the historic center, special care is taken to ensure that the design of the place is in accordance with the colonial architecture that surrounds it. Thus, generating a feeling of historical connection accompanied by the comfort and convenience of the present that our services offer.

So, if you want to travel, but you are constantly worried about the current environmental situation,  El Callejón Hotel is a sustainable accommodation option in Oaxaca that is perfect for you. Book one of our rooms through our website or contact us at +52 (951) 351 1564. We are located at Callejón Morelos #103, Barrio de Xochimilco, 68040, Oaxaca, Oax. Follow us on our social media @hotelelcallejon.oaxaca, to see our facilities and learn about the possibilities that Oaxaca hides for you.

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