Experience the Guelaguetza 2024: Top things to do in Oaxaca

The Guelaguetza is the most important festival in Oaxaca. After being suspended for two years due to the pandemic, it returns in 2024 to celebrate its 92th anniversary. If you want to experience all the Oaxacan folklore, book now at the best hotels in Oaxaca, such as El Callejón Hotel Boutique, so you don't miss this grand event.

What is Gulaguetza?

The Guelaguetza is the most important festival in Oaxaca. After being suspended for two years due to the pandemic, it returns in 2024 to celebrate its 92th anniversary. If you want to experience all the Oaxacan folklore, book now at the luxury hotels oaxaca, such as El Callejón Hotel Boutique, so you don't miss this grand event.

The origin of the Guelaguetza?

The Guelaguetza has its origins in pre-Hispanic times. Its name comes from the Zapotec word "guendalezaa," which means "offering, gift, or tribute." This tradition in the state of Oaxaca began as a ritual for the ancient gods at a location called, by the Zapotecs, Daninayaaloani or the beautiful view hill.

During the pre-Hispanic era, this event aimed to pay tribute to the goddess of corn and agriculture as a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvests. The Guelaguetza took place during the rainy season. While similar celebrations occurred in other parts of Mexico during this time, the Spanish missionaries prohibited them.

It's worth noting that in many cases, Catholicism reinterprets pagan festivities, for example, in Spain, the night of San Juan was a celebration to welcome summer. Similarly, in Oaxaca, they established festivities for the Virgin of Carmen on Guelaguetza dates as a Christian substitute.

The celebration we now know as Guelaguetza was born in 1932, a tradition that weaves the old with the new. Today, it is considered a tribute to the ethnic and cultural diversity of Oaxaca. Over time, more sections have been added, such as the Festival of Moles or the Artisan Encounter.

When Is the Guelaguetza Celebrated?

It's essential to know around what dates the Guelaguetza takes place to determine when to book rooms in one of the Luxury Hotels in Oaxaca. As mentioned before, this celebration occurs on the two Mondays closest to the Virgin of Carmen festivity on July 16.

For this year's edition, new performances of traditional dances, artisan exhibits and opportunities to delight in Oaxaca's exquisite cuisine are anticipated.

Although the celebration is scheduled for July, the state is already working hard to guarantee a memorable experience for all attendees. According to Oaxaca authorities, approximately 80 applications have been received for Guelaguetza 2024. However, the process of selecting participants is just beginning.

What not to miss

Here are some activities you shouldn't miss if you're staying in a boutique hotel in Oaxaca this July:

Cerro Mondays: 

This is the main attraction of the Guelaguetza. Cerro Mondays are when various ethnic groups in Oaxaca come together to share their dances and traditional costumes. It translates into a spectacle full of color, music, dance, and songs performed by groups from eight regions: from the Central Valleys to the Northern Sierra, La Cañada, Tuxtepec, the Mixteca, the Coast, the Southern Sierra, to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

The heart of the festival is at Cerro de Fortín, which is why the Guelaguetza Mondays are baptized as Cerro Mondays. The delight of this grand event is witnessing the dances and music from each region of the state of Oaxaca.

The Legend of Donají: 

This is a show of lights and dance that tells the legend of Donají, a Zapotec princess who fell in love with a Mixtec warrior. The Guelaguetza Auditorium is where this grand performance takes place in the days leading up to Cerro Monday.

Las Calendas: 

These are known as the processions of the delegations participating in the Guelaguetza. Las Calendas take place on the main streets of downtown Oaxaca, providing a small taste of what will happen on Cerro Mondays.

Where to Stay During the Guelaguetza?

We recommend looking for a hotel near the historic center. The reason is simple: it's easier to reach Cerro Mondays from the center, and it's also where Las Calendas happen.

To fully enjoy Oaxaca, the best lodging is near the center, and, as luck would have it, it's where you'll find Luxury Hotels In Oaxaca, like El Callejón Hotel Boutique.

El Callejón Hotel Boutique is a hotel that captures the essence of Oaxaca and combines it with luxury. Staying in our exclusive facilities is an experience you must live. We have a limited number of rooms, so if you want to book now, do so through our website.

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