Take a Piece of Oaxaca with an Alebrije

Visiting Oaxaca is encountering an explosion of colors. Handicrafts are a fundamental part of exploring this emblematic city. That's why some beautiful hotels in Oaxaca adorn their facilities with the works of local artisans.

For some, thinking of Oaxaca transports them to the dreamlike world of Alebrijes. Although not originally from these lands, Oaxacans have adopted and incorporated them into their collective imagination. In the following article, we'll tell you more about these Mexican crafts and why you should buy them during your stay in Oaxaca.

What are Alebrijes?

The alebrije is a type of craft originating from Mexico. They can be made with different materials, either with cardboard and a wire structure, or with wood, painted with vibrant and cheerful colors. Alebrijes are imaginary beings composed of physiognomic elements of different animals or a combination of several. They not only turn the fantastic into something fantastic but also transform the real into the fantastical.

The origin is attributed to the work of a cartonero from Mexico City, Pedro Linares López. His alebrijes caught the attention of an art gallery owner, and that's where Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo began to commission the creation of more alebrijes.

Alebrijes in Oaxaca

The tradition of carving alebrijes from copal wood in Oaxaca began in the 1980s when it was introduced to the Oaxaca region through a demonstration workshop led by Judith Brownoski. However, the wood carving technique was already a tradition among artisans in the Oaxacan region.

The places where you are most likely to find alebrijes are in the villages of San Martín Tilcajete and San Antonio Arrazola. Numerous families work on carving figures, which are then painted with vinyl paint and sold in the squares, markets, and workshops of the region.

Additionally, Oaxaca already produced small animal sculptures locally. The impetus of alebrijes significantly increased production. Wooden crafts were present in this region since ancient times.

The Zapotec culture of the pre-Hispanic period used this material to produce masks, totems, musical instruments, and small objects. Many of these products were used for the benefit of the populations. During the colonial period, Zapotec artisans carved religious figures.

Why Buy an Alebrije in Oaxaca?

Oaxacan alebrijes are unique and full of life. It's essential to recognize that each alebrije is a unique item. The way the artisan molds their work and adds to it determines its value. Nowadays, Oaxacan alebrijes have a distinctive seal.

In Mexican tradition, having an alebrije at home is considered good luck, and happiness will accompany anyone who owns one of these works. In a way, buying an alebrije in Oaxaca is taking a piece of its soul with you.

On the other hand, searching for an alebrije gives you the perfect excuse to explore and enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Oaxaca's magical villages.

In conclusion, planning a good travel itinerary is a way to make the most of your stay in beautiful hotels in Oaxaca.

Where to Stay in Oaxaca?

Visiting magical cities and villages requires staying in beautiful hotels in Oaxaca. The best option, in this regard, is to look for accommodation near the center. El Callejón hotel is one of them. It is located in the alley of the Xochimilco neighborhood and is a couple of blocks from the historic center of the city.

Staying with us is an experience in itself. Each space is decorated with a fusion of Oaxacan tradition and the elegance of modernity. The combination of these two aesthetics is evident in rescuing colonial architecture and blending it with the contemporary. Additionally, we have various local crafts that you'll want to take home.

As a boutique hotel in Oaxaca, we have only 12 rooms that provide an exclusive and private space. We also have a bar and kitchen where you can try a selection of the best mezcals in the region, as well as unique cocktails inspired by the flavors of this beautiful land.

Our chef and the rest of the staff will provide you with a unique palate experience. We use the highest quality ingredients, including aromatic herbs from our garden and some vegetables. Our bread is baked daily, and we make homemade jam and ice cream.

Book your room at El Callejón through our website. For inquiries, call us at (951) 351 1564 and (951) 351 5917 or email us at reservaciones@hotelelcallejon.com.

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