Discover the Archaeological Sites of Oaxaca

Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the territory of Oaxaca was mostly dominated by the Zapotecs. Therefore, around the state, you can find different archaeological sites where the remains of these indigenous inhabitants still exist.

The Zapotec culture is still alive, but it has adapted to the teachings of the Spanish over the years. However, if you visit and stay in the best hotels in Oaxaca, you will surround yourself with all the colors and flavors that these inhabitants left in the city.

So if you are interested in learning about the pre-Hispanic cultures of Oaxaca, this article is for you. We will share information about the most important archaeological sites throughout the state.

Monte Albán

This is the most important archaeological site in the Oaxacan region. It is considered that before colonization, it had regional importance due to the religious, political, and economic control exercised by the Zapotec state over the Oaxaca Valley.

The city of Monte Albán stands out for its magnificent pre-Hispanic buildings, and it was the first urban complex in Mesoamerica. Visiting it is a unique experience; it is surrounded by several strategically located mountains at the confluence of the arms that form the great Oaxaca Valley.

Likewise, this archaeological site is made up of archaeological monuments at the top and series of cultivation terraces on the slopes. Today, along with the City of Oaxaca, it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since December 11, 1987. Therefore, if you want to explore this site, you should book a room in the best hotels in Oaxaca.

If you wish to delve deeper into the history of Monte Albán, you can visit the Site Museum, where they safeguard part of the collection of Carved Stelae found in the area, showing the development of the writing system during the four phases of Zapotec occupation.

Archaeological Zone of Atzompa

Its name comes from the Nahuatl word that means 'at the summit of the water.' It is one of the monumental sets of Monte Albán. The peculiarity of this archaeological site is the existence of three courts for the Ball Game very close to each other.

Historians have interpreted that it functioned as a place for specific rituals, as a residence for Zapotec priests and rulers. This interpretation arises from the type of structures found in this area, as there are niches at each corner that could be used as repositories for offerings.

To visit this archaeological site, you can stay in the best hotels in Oaxaca, as it is 8 kilometers from the city. You can also enter from the center of the town of Santa María Atzompa. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Dainzú Archaeological Zone

Dainzú is an archaeological site located in the eastern arm of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, only 19 kilometers southeast of the city of Oaxaca, making it possible to stay at El Callejón, one of the beautiful hotels in Oaxaca.

This site is an ancient city contemporary to Monte Albán, whose flourishing was even before the foundation of the valleys' metropolis. Its architectural style is important because it presents structures with unique characteristics, different from others in the Oaxaca Valley.

In Building A, a gallery of bas-reliefs depicting ball players was carved. It is believed that this city functioned as a second-tier community in terms of political, economic, and religious importance.

Lambityeco Archaeological Zone

The remnants of this archaeological site have indicated that it was a salt production area and was considered an important city in the economic activities of the Zapotec culture.

The buildings along the roadside are the only ones explored in this archaeological zone so far. Some experts claim that there are still buildings to unearth, as there are more than 200 mounds, not counting what is buried beneath the town of Tlacoula.

To visit this area, it is possible to stay in the City of Oaxaca, as it is located about 25 kilometers southeast.

If you are planning a tour of these archaeological sites, we recommend staying at the best hotel in Oaxaca, El Callejón. We are located in the heart of the city in the Xochimilco neighborhood, known for being one of the most emblematic. Reserve with us through our website.

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