Visit the Xochimilco neighborhood in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a versatile city, you can visit it for tourist reasons up to destination weddings, after all the Church of Santo Domingo is the perfect place to commit to the love of your life. In addition, the historic center is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is home to luxury hotels in Oaxaca.

Near the historic center is the Xochimilco neighborhood, where you can find the best hotels in Oaxaca, such as the El Callejón Hotel, it is one of the most picturesque places and that is worth visiting the most, in case you want to travel to this magical city.

Xochimilco neighborhood sometimes goes unnoticed, we are going to share with you one of the main reasons why you should stroll through its streets and enjoy staying in the rooms of Hotel El Callejón.

things to do in xochimilco Oaxaca

The Xochimilco neighborhood is part of the center of the city of Oaxaca and was founded in 1486 by the Xochimilca warriors following orders from the Mexica emperor Ahuízotl. This neighborhood has a unique charm that is appreciated for its colorful streets, where you can find artisan shops and consume typical Oaxacan dishes.

To get to know this colorful neighborhood, we recommend that you start at Plaza de la Cruz de Piedra, where a magnificent Catholic insignia of cantera in the shape of a cross was cemented. Another point of interest in this square are the arches. Which were built with the objective of providing the city with water.

Continuing along the street of the arches, you will be able to cross the Carretera Internacional where the workshops of various artisans are located near the Parish of Santo Tomás Xochimilco. Among the specialties of these artisans we can discover works of table linen, tinsmithing, pottery, and textiles.

The advantage of staying at one of the best hotels in Oaxaca, the El Callejón Hotel, is that you will only need good shoes to get to know the Xochimilco neighborhood in depth.

Oaxacan cuisine

Another activity that you can do in the beautiful Xochimilco neighborhood is the culinary offer that is around it. Among the most outstanding are the typical Oaxacan dishes. If you are looking for a gastronomic experience, visiting the Xochimilco neighborhood is the ideal place to have it.

Among the food that you can find in this neighborhood are tlayudas, tamales in banana leaf, empanadas de amarillo, among other delicious dishes from Oaxaca. And to accompany them, you can try drinks like tejate and agua de chilacayote.

Why stay at El Callejón?

El Callejón is one of the best hotels in Oaxaca, which manages to combine the essence of the city of Oaxaca and the comfort of luxury hotels. Its architecture is beautiful because it is composed of several styles that combine adobe with other materials that make it fit perfectly with the surrounding buildings.

Our hotel has very spacious and comfortable rooms, in addition to having a house located within the Jaguar tower, which has all the equipment to live for long seasons in Oaxaca. Sustainability is something very important to us at El Callejón, Our main objective is to help the environment and support the local resources.

Staying at El Callejón means that you will be immersed in an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, where the stress generated by the hustle and bustle of big cities is not welcome. Concentrate on enjoying the beautiful scenery, the violet and reddish sunsets, the blue skies and the extravagant vegetation that can be found in Oaxaca. Definitely if you are looking for beautiful hotels in Oaxaca, El Callejón is your best option.

Treat yourself to unforgettable vacations in the company of your family and those special people. Book now through the different platforms or if you prefer directly on the website or call the following lines (951) 351 1564 and (951) 351 5917. You can also visit us at the address Callejón Morelos #103, Barrio de Xochimilco, 68040 Oaxaca de Juárez, México. We are waiting for you to give you a unique experience!

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