Oaxacan Fritters and Their Beautiful Tradition

The fritter is one of the most widespread and diverse traditions in the world. It is a recipe made with dough served in different presentations, sweet or savory, filled with various flavors and textures, elongated or round, among others, making this fried dough a delicacy. It is accompanied by various customs that aim to bring together families and loved ones. Therefore, as a lodging in Oaxaca, we take care to provide you with all the related information and how we accompany this dish in the region.

In this way, if you are a foreigner unfamiliar with local traditions during the December holidays and are curious about why we break a plate when eating a fritter, we recommend that you continue reading and stay at our hotel in Oaxaca, where the attentive staff will inform you of all the indigenous practices of the city so that you can fully enjoy the experience in this Mexican cultural cradle.

Importance of Fritters during the December Holidays in Oaxaca

It is common that if you travel in December, you will find that near Boutique Hotels in Oaxaca, that is, in the city center, there are several stands of street vendors offering fritters of different flavors, shapes, and with a variety of accompaniments. Since always, there has been a tradition of enjoying this dish to accompany family gatherings and celebrations that accompany Christmas and New Year.

The most common presentation of the fritter is elongated and flattened, which is curious for several tourists who are accustomed to seeing this dough in different forms. However, the delicacy of this dish is complemented by the excellent gastronomy of Oaxaca, sprinkling red sugar or soaked in honey, giving it a distinctive flavor that you will rarely find elsewhere.

Likewise, some may offer them with other additives that provide different sensations or, alternatively, accompany them with other typical dishes of Oaxacan gastronomy, especially those offered during the Christmas season.

This combination of flavors, along with the magic created in the environment by decorating the main squares, creating joyful events, and sharing Mexican traditions, makes eating fritters in Oaxaca a rewarding experience. Your palate and other senses will perceive that you are living something unique that you won't find in other places.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the stalls selling this dish in the main squares of the city have decreased as the population is becoming less interested in the tradition. Therefore, in the coming decades, this experience could be limited or even disappear. For this reason, we invite you to seek the best accommodation in Oaxaca before that happens and allow yourself to savor this unique preparation.

Why is the plate broken where the fritters are served?

Now, the taste of this dish is not the only thing that stands out among Oaxacan customs, as the most visually striking aspect for foreigners is seeing how, after finishing their meal, they break the red clay plate on which the fritters are served. This results in a spectacle full of joy from the people nearby. This is a very old tradition that is still carried out today, and its origin is not entirely clear.

Some claim that it dates back to the indigenous era when, after eating, plates, pots, and pans used to serve dishes were broken on the eve of the arrival of the Divine Child, representing the desire for a new life, sheltered by love and happiness. With the arrival of the Spaniards, this tradition persisted, albeit with slight nuances, such as the replacement of corn and mushrooms with the European fritter.

Others argue that it is a commemoration of a major cholera epidemic in the City of Oaxaca. Once a patient recovered from the disease, all the plates on which they had eaten were broken to prevent the spread, but it was done with joy because it represented that the loved one was healthy.

But, regardless of the origin of this tradition, it is undeniable that the way it endures today in Oaxaca is a testament to the cultural diversity that exists in this city. Year after year, it attracts foreigners from around the world who wish to experience firsthand this activity while savoring one of the most exquisite dishes you can find in December.

For this reason, we invite you to request accommodation in Oaxaca with high-quality boutique hotels that prioritize the preservation of culture through various traditions. This is the case with Hotel El Callejón, where we offer you a stay near the main tourist attractions of the city, and our facilities connect you with nature, providing a different experience. Call us at (951) 351 1564 or write to us at reservaciones@hotelelcallejon.com to learn about our agenda.

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